Global Immigration Management: We provide end-to-end management of immigration processes, ensuring compliance with immigration laws and regulations, facilitating visa and work permit applications, and supporting expatriate employees throughout their international assignments.

Expat HR Consulting: Our Expat HR consulting services encompass various aspects, including policy development, compensation and benefits planning, talent acquisition and retention, performance management, and cross-cultural training. We help organizations effectively manage their global workforce and create an environment conducive to expatriate success.

Relocation Services: We offer comprehensive relocation services that encompass housing assistance, transportation arrangements, cultural orientation, and ongoing support to ensure a smooth transition for expatriate employees and their families.

Concierge Services
  1. Airport meet and greet
  2. School and Education Support: For expatriate employees with children, we understand the importance of finding the right educational institution. Our concierge professionals assist in researching and identifying suitable schools that align with the expatriate employee’s preferences, curriculum requirements, and budget. We provide guidance on the admissions process and help facilitate a smooth transition for the children into their new school environment.
  3. Healthcare and Medical Services: Navigating the healthcare system in a foreign country can be overwhelming. Our concierge team offers guidance on local healthcare providers, insurance options, and medical facilities. We help expatriate employees and their families understand the healthcare system, register with doctors and specialists, and access necessary medical services.
  4. Language and Cultural Training: Effective communication and cultural understanding are crucial for successful integration. Our concierge services include language training programs to help expatriate employees and their families learn the local language or improve their language skills. We also offer cultural training programs to foster cross-cultural awareness and facilitate smoother interactions in the new environment.
  5. Lifestyle and Recreation Support: To help expatriate employees and their families settle into their new home, we provide assistance in exploring and accessing various lifestyle and recreational amenities. Our concierge team offers recommendations on dining, entertainment, shopping, sports, and leisure activities. We aim to ensure that expatriate employees and their families can enjoy a fulfilling and enriching lifestyle in their new surroundings.
  6. Ongoing Support: Our concierge services extend beyond the initial relocation period. We maintain ongoing communication with expatriate employees and their families, offering support, answering questions, and addressing any concerns they may have throughout their assignment. Our team is readily available to provide assistance with day-to-day needs and help resolve any challenges that may arise.

Benefits of Our Concierge Services:

  • Personalized and tailored support to meet the unique needs of each expatriate employee and their family.
  • Enhanced comfort and peace of mind during the relocation process.
  • Access to local knowledge and resources, saving time and effort.
  • Smooth integration into the new environment, fostering a positive experience for expatriate employees and their families.
  • Increased productivity and focus for expatriate employees, as they can rely on our concierge services for their non-work-related needs.